Phytosome® VS LIPOSOME

Although similar, fundamental differences exist between a Phytosome® and a liposome.
In liposomes, the ingredients are dissolved in the central part of the cavity, with limited possibility of molecular interaction between the surrounding lipid and a hydrophilic substance. On the contrary, in a Phytosome®, which is a solid dispersion of an extract in a dietary phospholipid matrix (non GMO lecithin from soy), the ingredient can somehow be compared to an integral part of the lipid membrane. Furthermore, in liposomes the content of phospholipids is much higher, about five times the one in Phytosome®, making this delivery form not suitable for oral clinical realistic dosages for natural compounds.

Table 1. Commercially available Phytosome®s and their trademarks

The Phytosome® formulation also increases the absorption of active ingredients when topically applied on the skin, and improves systemic bioavailability when administered orally. In water medium, a Phytosome® will assume a micellar shape, forming a spherical structure, overall similar to a liposome, but with a different guest localization.